Employee-External Stakeholder Relationship Measurement ( Internal vs External)

This is the main product that took such a long time to put together. All the three ( 3 ) pilots were done to find this service. It is called Stakeholder Relationship Capital 360™ V.2. It’s made of six ( 6 ) pillars and each pillar is made up of four ( 4 ) drivers.
But we have removed the Pillars and Drivers.

So, in total it has 24 drivers. We then translate all these 24 drivers into a questionnaire and go and ask the employee on the one hand and the external stakeholders on the other hand. Then we compute all these and tell you the quality of your relationships. More importantly, we measure the two parties of the relationship. The first one is the employee and the second is the external stakeholder.

How we do this?

  • What is unique about our methodology is that we source the data from the internal and external people.
  • We start with the internal people first
  • Then we follow on with the external people
  • Most importantly, the pilots made sure that the questionnaire was developed as well
  • We don’t have to spend time develop questions to ask
  • We ask a questionnaire which has been checked that it measures what it asks

Hear the other side

The vision is to embed stakeholder relationships

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