Meet the Team

SRA is led by Ncaba Hlophe. Here is the team behind SRA:

Ncaba Hlophe


Overall management of SRA and active final responsibility for delivery of services to customer.

Patrick Malale

Data Collections

Collecting data through face-to-face or telephonic or online tools.

Pule Mohlamme

Data Collections

Collecting data through face-to-face or telephonic or online tools.

Keo Thipe

Data Collections

Collecting data through face-to-face or telephonic or online tools.

Strategy and Vision

The vision is to embed stakeholder relationships as a management science and an organisational capital driving value creation to deliver sustainable performance for business.


The mission is to apply best practice research standards and a theoretically robust relationship framework to measure and quantify the quality of stakeholder relationships as an expression of the value created for material stakeholders.


  • Love – Love stakeholders, love your job and love your colleagues
  • Excellence – do it right the first time and continuous improvement
  • Integrity – Do our promise and inspire trust in our work
  • Wisdom – We can do all things
  • Responsibility – Individual and collective responsibility

SRA BEE Certificate

SRA is an Exempted Micro Enterprise in terms of the DTI Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Codes.
In terms of new Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Codes SRA has turn-over of less R 10 million and therefore submits a Affidavit.
It is submitted as a separate official document.

King IV – Quality of Relationships

King IV: Task Team Member

When King IV was being prepared, the CEO in 2010 of the IODSA had changed jobs and become the Project Lead for King IV. He remembered our engagement in 2010 and called me to become Task Team Member among other six members to help her to work on stakeholder relationships in 2016.

King IV – Recommended Practices

King III had put reputation and relationships as the Board’s domain. King IV changed that. In King IV, the emphasis was on stakeholder relationships. Not reputation. In fact King IV conformed with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and called for stakeholder relationships to be at the Board’s domain. Specifically, King IV called for quality of stakeholder relationships to be measured by the Board.

Principle 16 of King IV says that in the execution of its governance role and responsibilities, the governing body ( the Board) should adopt a stakeholder-inclusive approach that balances the needs, interests and expectations of material stakeholders in the best interests of the organisation over time.

Then its recommended practices come in and say the measurement of quality of material stakeholder relationships should be done by the governing body.

That is what SRA does. Measurement of the material stakeholder relationship quality.

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The vision is to embed stakeholder relationships

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